Capacitor charge/ discharge

My understanding of a hv discharge cap (oil filled type) was that it's 
construction was essentially the same as a normal oil filled capacitor 
except for much heavier multiple connections to the internal structure  
and possibly a non rolled construction so as to withstand higher 
currents and minimize parasitic inductance. What is the mechanism by 
which these caps will not tolerate low current charging? Is the internal 
construction different to what I have described?
>Bad idea Dan.  All energy discharge caps should be charged in less than 
>seconds for optimum lifetime.  Slow charging is not recommended.  
>for 5 time constants and then fire as soon as practical thereafter.
>> Or you could use a med- high val or resistance in series with 
>> caps - limit charge current to caps to 1 -10 ma . Takes a little time 
>> charge but there is a bit of isolation between psu & cct if something 
>> should go wrong

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