Re: SCR based coils (was High-Power Car Ignition Coils)

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>>Any clue what the max reverse gate to cathode voltage should be?  It 
>>isn't spec'd in any of my books - and I exceeded it bigtime last night 
>>killed one of my scrs in the process... :(

>From looking at my Powerex data books it looks like max peak reverse 
>for the gate to cathode is in the range of 5-10 volts. I hope you have 

>Eddie Burwell
There is an equivalent circuit description of SCR as a pnp & npn 
trnsistor connected - ie scr (a) = pnp (e), scr (k) = npn(e), 
npn ( c)& pnp (b) conn internally, npn (b) & pnp (c) = gate
if you consider it like this then scr g-k junct is npn b-e junct
Most transistors even really big ones have Veb ( rev base vtg) ratings 
of 3-8 volts... Reverse pol diodes across g-k would be a universally 
good idea I feel .

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