RE: New Pole Pig user

See comments below, admit much snippage. BTW: It sounds like you
have some potential transformers? 110V only is a bit unusual for
a pig, but not so unusual for a PT. Is the beast oil filled, or solid

>  My first question is:  where do
> people get the power to run these large systems? 
>From the City of Riverside, in my case :) But seriously folks..
In my case, and I don't think I am that atypical - I installed
a seperate 50A/220V branch to run my coil experiments. Wiring is:
>From the CB to the first cut-off/fuse box is 8AWG. From this box
I have a 50A welding outlet, and a second 30A cut-off/fuse box. From
this box, I run 10AWG in EMT to where my pig is located. This limits 
me to about 7.5KVA, which is just fine for my 5KVA pig.

>  I am also concerned about limiting the
> current to my pig.
A wise move. I have used, in turn:
Shorted Neons [when I was running off the wall at 110V, limited to 1.2KVA]
Shorted MOT [Upped me to about 1.8KVA]
Lincon Stick Welder [ at 220V], where I have run as high as estimated 3KVA]

As a side note, I have been experimenting a little with using the MOT
on the secondary of the welder - seems to give me those middle values
I really want. Any comments from the crowd on this? I have been 
trying to stay away from any resistive ballasting so I don't dissapate that
power as heat. Much rather it go into sparks :)

BTW: all of this has been run on a vacuum plenum type pipe gap. I have
a prototype rotary, but when I try to use it, all of my saftey gaps 
go nuts. Comments from users of rotarys would be appreaciated to let
me know where I am going wrong. Gap is currently configured for 230BPS.

Michael Baumann
Coiler, Homebrewer, Nerd. mycroft-at-access1-dot-net