Re: Proposal: Wattmeter project

do watt-hour meters on the mains supply read inaccurately? how about 
getting an old mains meter and measuring tot elec. consumption over a 
fixed time interval?

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>I think every coiler could benefit from having an electronic wattmeter
>that would accurately measure their TC input power.  The input current
>to a TC tends to be distorted which makes ordinary meters read 
>incorrectly.  If various coils made by different builders are to be
>compared, it would be good to know that the input power measurement
>techniques are standardized and accurate.
>My proposal is:
>Is there anyone on the list that enjoys building small electronic 
>and would be willing to build a number of electronic wattmeters and
>offer them for sale for a reasonable price to other list members?
>The perfect design for the wattmeter would be the one presented
>by and built by Dave Sharpe of the TCBOR some time ago.  It uses
>an optocoupler IC that costs about 15 cents or so, and a few other
>components.  It's a simple circuit overall.  (Dave, any objections?)
>Just a thought,
>John Freau

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