Re: Capacitance of a coil

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>  please help me on this: I'm writing a Tesla coil calc program (well,
>  just for me to understand it better and get familiair with the calcs),
>  but I don't know how to calculate the capacitance of a coil. I could of
>  course use Medhurst's formula (is there a table for H/D ratio > 5?), but
>  I wanted to know if there's another way to calc it too.
>  Thanks, Reinier
>  BTW: It's only going to handle metric units!
Here is one that works.  It is good for H/D from 2 to 8.   
C(pF) = k*D  where D = diam in cm.
k = 0.100976*(H/D) + 0.30963