Re: Pig current limiting

I remember one of these units from the 20,s ish which a friend brought 
around to get fixed. It was a wooden box about the size of a shoe box 
with a hv generator powered from the mains and a long cord into which a 
variety of gas filled glass tubes were plugged. These emitted a purple 
glow when pressed against the skin, and a mild tingle. The hv generator 
was a solenoid type contact breaking circuit like an electric bell - the 
NC contact would cause the coil to energize at switch on- when it would 
pull in due to mag. field breaking circuit, thus falling back to 
contacting position. Oscillations could be adjusted by way of a screw 
setting gap position. HV output was from another winding wound in the 
same solenoid. They can produce enough voltage for a hefty shock, but 
are not really capable of any good sparking action worth mentioning. 
Probably could use one to power a small plasma ball , but I think they 
are really mainly an interesting antque curiosity now, as the gaps do 
not seem to be particularly reliable - often need adjusting, and tend to 
corrode or wear out easily. Have not tried one for medicinal effects.

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>> to all:
>> Does anyone know of the manufacturer of the hand held tesla used in
>> supply shops? I think one is
>> Master Electric in Chicago
>> Also looking for manufacturer of the glass accesories
>> These units date back to the 20' & 30's under names like Renu-life?
>> They are also called violet wands.
>> I think they emit both RF & UV  & arc a spark to the skin. One use is
>> supposedly to stimulate hair growth
>> Anyone got any experience with them pro or con?

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