Re: variable capacitor

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> got an idea about a HV variable cap.  We were makin a ldpe plate cap, got 
> done
>  folding it up and realized it was all puffed up. So we pushed it down,
>  changing the distance between the plates, and the capacitance increase.
>  Design a proper box to put it in you could have a cap with a wide range.  
> Our
>  stack doubled in hight when the presure was released.
>  			Chris and Ramsey (Ramsey and Chris) via the interthingy
I noticed a similar effect and made a post about it quite a while ago.  I
could change the capacitance of mine by a good 10% without too much of a
change(no more than 1/10 of an inch).  I figured that would be more than
enough variablility for tuning a coil.