Re: Here comes the SCR based coil

Eddie wrote:
>  Yes it needs some work but the progress so far has been quite 
>SCRs may never match a spark gap but it's just one of those things; I 
>dig SCRs.  My page is going to be quite scrapy to begin with but I 
>soon have waveforms, picitures, schematics, and the whole shootin 
>Check out the beginnings at 

Hey - I checked it out.  The use of the saturable reactor to sharpen up 
the current risetime is interesting!  I suppose the gradual rampup of 
the primary current (prior to the huge SPIKE) would also allow the 
entire SCR die to get into a conductive state.  This way your SCR might 
even have a chance of surviving it! :)

Where'd you get the SCR gate trigger transformer? :)

I suppose all coilers need is a supply of primary amp*turns at the 
appropriate excitation frequency...  

How fast will your circuit run at this point?  What sort of output do 
you get?

Since the current pulse is such a step (as opposed to a sinewave) 
implies that substantial energy will be at frequencies far away  from 
the secondary's self-resonant frequency.  I'm not sure there's anything 
which can be done about that in your design.  This may be the limiting 
factor in terms of net arc length output!

Thanks for the info!


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