Primary Coil Under Secondary Coil

I have been working on a new coil for several months.  I have an idea but
have not done any small scale testing yet to see if its a usable idea. 

The new coil will have 6 primary coils in parallel.  Each coil will be wound
on 4" pvc pipe.  The 6 coils will be 48" long, mounted in a 20" diameter
circle.  The coils all set on a 24" diameter sheet if plywood.

My original idea was to wind the traditional flat primary around the outside
of the 6 secondary coil.  But what if I wind the primary on the bottom side
of the 24" diameter plywood circle that the secondary coils are setting on.
This would put the primary coil directly under the secondary coils. 

This is a bazaar idea.  Has anyone tried putting a primary coil under a
secondary coil?

PS. Just got home yesterday after spending 2 weeks in Phoenix AZ. 

Gary Weaver

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