over 60" on my 8" coil

Fellow coilers,

Hello all, I bought two of those 100KV .01 ufd pulse caps from fair radio
to replace my two large cruddy salt water caps.... and let me tell you!!
first light
with the new caps was astounding!!!  immediately i was achieving 4x as many
discharges off of my toroid (around 10 simoultanious streamers) and so i set
to work
building a base cabinet for this beauty, now that i dont have to lug around
huge salt water
jars!!!   Well, now that i was getting too many streamers off of my topload,
i figured i
needed more topload.  this was easily achieved by coating a balloon with
foil and setting it on top
of my coil....  Now i got two to three streamers at a time stretching 60"
and sometimes longer!
Air streamers seem to stretch and grow over time as the air ionizes,
creating a somewhat hazardous
and eerie effect.  my streamers are no longer bursty and quick to the eye...
they linger there in front of you
sizzling and popping moving slowly thru the air.... yea!  I had to move
everything away from this baby and i now get multiple ceiling strikes. :-(

here are the specs:

power: three 15 kv 60 mA  nst's in parrallel
caps:    was two large salt water glass jars (30" streamers) now two surplus
100kv .01 caps (60" streamers)
gap:     fan cooled ALTAIR flexi-gap, 8 electrodes
primary: 30 deg. inverted cone, 10 or so turns of frig tube
sec:        8.25" abs pipe around 1000 turns 26" tall.
topload:  was two 4" drainpipe toroids 10 and 16" accross, now added
               bag balloon covered with foil

Thats about it folks!  pictures coming soon!!!!