Ignition coil HV supplies?

Hello Scott, Sam, Barry, and list.

I've been watching the three of you discuss various ways of extracting 
large amts of HV power from ignition coils using dimmers, scrs and the 

I suggest you check out this page on my site:

This page describes the theory of operation of the SCR switching supply 
from a 60kva 140 kv x-ray transformer. 

This device dumps a 4 to 40 uf cap at 250 volts into an inductive load 
(like an ignition coil? :)  ) at a rate of 6-9KHz.  

Perhaps that'll give you a hint as to how to abuse your coils more 

One key thing is that they added extra inductance separate from the 
load.  This inductance limits the di/dt of the current - which is 
required if you want your SCRs to survive...


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