Re: Tank power supply weight

Tesla List wrote:
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> Hiya,
> I'm going to have to move a 120 KV 3-phase-input tank power supply
> out of a hospital, and I need to know what kind of ballpark weight to
> expect.  It's a Siemens, and the actual power supply is about four feet by
> 2.5 feet by 1.5 feet.  It's filled with oil (obviously), so I really don't
> know if there's going to be a gigantic iron block uncovered when I drain
> the stuff.  I had to move a 10KV power supply once and it bent my El
> Camino.
> So can anyone tell me?  Thnaks.
> S M
There is an empirical relation between kVA and pounds of iron for most
big power transformers (sadly, I can't find the book with it just now).
At the least, the oil alone will weigh several hundred pounds.  If I had
to guess, based on other HV equipment, I'd say you're looking at
1000-2000 pounds, minimum.

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