Re: Hand Operated Pump

Tesla List wrote:

> Those hand pumps will only go down to about 0.5 inches of Hg.  I don't
> think this is low enough for any plasma globe experiments.
> It might be low enough for those spark gap nitrogen lasers though!
> However, it would be low enough to pump down some capacitors if you are
> willing to operate the pump for a long enough time.

I have a very simple pump that I made long ago that goes down to
0.5 cm of Hg. It was made with a PVC tube, a sliding aluminum plug
with "O" rings, and two valves made with a steel ball that sits
above a small "O" ring, in holes at the base and inside the plug.
With some grease to complete the sealing.

It is enough for evacuating tubes so they light up uniformly when high
voltage is applied. I have never tried gases other than plain air,

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz