Re: Van de Graaff (Toroid Design)

Tesla List wrote:

> Other info for designers is, in theory, 50 uA of terminal to ground current
> is produced with every sq. inch of belt passing over the pulley, however,
> in actual practice 28 uA per sq. inch is a much more reliable design value.

The correct figure (and units) is 2.65 nC/cm^2, or 17.n nC/in^2, 
or 26.5 uC/m^2, for a flat belt transporting charge at one side.
This value comes from the surface charge density that produces
a field of 30 kV/cm: D=e0*E=8.85e-12*3e6=26.5 microcoulombs/square

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz