Re: Hand Operated Pump

It was written:
>    Has anyone on the list ever used one of those automotive brass hand
>Right now all I need is something that will pump down
>capacitors. It would be nice if I could a also exhaust globes, tubes, 
>other vessells. I didn't get a chance to look at the gauge closely, and 

Those hand pumps will only go down to about 0.5 inches of Hg.  I don't 
think this is low enough for any plasma globe experiments.  

It might be low enough for those spark gap nitrogen lasers though!

However, it would be low enough to pump down some capacitors if you are 
willing to operate the pump for a long enough time.

I'd say getting a used 'fridge compressor would be a better arrangement, 
rather than spending $40 for a hand pump.

Working on a 10,000 watt power chopper for my arc welder
Why? Because.

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