Re: Holding up the Toriod?

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 I just thought of a minor problem.. holding up the toriod. It's a 8" dia
 flex duct (I haven't decided on the size exactly yet). The secondary is a
 6" PVC form with endcaps. I would preffer not to drill into the caps. Any
 ideas? :)

Om my 6" secondary, I have a 1/2" thick plastic disc cut that just fits the
inside diameter of the secondary,  This is glued to a 1/4" disc that is cut to
fit the outside dia. of the secondary then the assembly is glued to the top of
the coil.  Now I have a plastic end cap (the diameter will depend on the size
of your coil) glued upside down on top of the coil.  I have various pieces of
plastic pipe cut that can be inserted into the end cap to control the height
of the toroid.  On top of this sits another end cap that has a 1/4" dia nylon
bolt protruding up through the top.  All of my toroids have a 1/4" hole in
them that mounts on this nylon bolt.

Ed Sonderman