Re: New Fo, Cself, Ctotal Program

Terry Fritz wrote:

> The terminal is placed within
> the self capacitance space and has the effect of adding to the self
> capacitance.  There are rules and ideas about how to guess at this
> situation but guesses are all there are.  People have done experiments but
> the experimental set up never seems to match our systems well and the
> results may not be very good.  You won't find a good single equation for
> this situation.

What is usually done is to add the self-capacitance of the coil to the
body capacitance of the terminal. I think that you are right in saying
the presence of the terminal changes the self-capacitance of the coil,
but is this effect significant?

> So... That still sounds harder than just building the darn thing and seeing
> what happens :-)  However, we now know how a secondary coil's voltage is
> distributed.  It is a sine shaped distribution along the length of the
> coil.

Not so simple... It is a 0-90 degrees sinusoid only if there is no
terminal. With the terminal in place, the voltage is still (ideally) 
sinusoidal, but doesn't reach 90 degrees, simply because the resonance
frequency of the system is then lower. But how lower depends on the
capacitance of the coil+terminal assembly...

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz