Re: Rectifying Action? Might it be that simple?

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>Original Poster: NeonGlow-at-webtv-dot-net (Tony Greer) 
>Reinhard , Coilers all.....Just a very uneducated GUESS as to why the
>output spark length increases when using alternate Al and Cu tubing in
>your spark gap. Could the Al atoms (or the combo of Al and Cu atoms)
>being sputterd (blasted away) from the electrodes be combining with
>gasses/vapors in the atmosphere by the spark in the gap to produce a
>local 'quenching atmosphere' between the gaps? Or could it be that this
>process lowers spark gap resistance?.....Anyway, very interesting
>results! Have you tried using only Al tubing in a spark gap? Just
>wondering..............  "May your sparks grow ever longer"
>Tony Greer  

That is my SWAG for this effect (that I would like to see replicated many
more times with different electrode geometry, only changing the metal to
prove it's chemistry).

I've read that there is a general trend for decreased plasma resistance &
pinching vs. element vapor pressure (mercury is better than sodium is better
than iron vapor).

I would bet aluminum plasma get oxidized and removed from the gap faster
than copper, just because it burns (relatively) easier.