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<<I have noticed increased
interference to my alarm system when sparks are arcing to ground than when

I have noticed this too.  As I travel from site to site with my coil, I run
into lots of interesting problems, which mostly seem to be connected to the
grounding.  If my coil is going to cause any problems with local electronics
(alarms, computers, phone systems, etc.), it usually occurs when the spark is
jumping to ground.  Could this be because the spark jumping to ground is
carrying more current and broadcasting a stronger signal?  Or is the ground
wire becoming an antenna?  The grounding of the coil plays a big role here to,
because I can often correct the problem by plugging the coil into a plug that
is on a different circuit. 

I have also noticed that I get a lot fewer problems with a flat, spiral
primary than with a upright or upward spiraling primary.  Any thoughts on
this?  Does a flat primary broadcast on a "cleaner frequency", limiting the
problem to a narrower range of interference?

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