Re: Mini Tesla. Fault in my mail.

Hello Mike, All

After posting my reply to the Mini Tesla mail I got the following mail from
 > Just judging from the frequency I would expect a
 >  coil with a true Fres of 1457kHz (about half way towards a microwave
 >  magnetron) would be around 3"(d) x 1"(h) maybe.
     I thought microwave ovens operated at about 2450Mhz.

OUCHHH !! Yes, Mike you are totally correct. I somehow (thatīs what I get for
writing too fast and not proof reading my mail before hitting the "bombs away"
button.) overlooked the fact that I was talking about 1457kHz and not Mhz !!
My humble apologies about that. 

So please (Mike and all) disregard this part of the post. 

However, I stand to what I wrote in the rest of the post. (esp. that I
consider 1457 kHz to be a little too high for this coil size and that 100nF
are way too big for a 3kV xformer).

coiler apologies from germany,