Re: Toroid Design .

> Have you found info on VDGs that
> mentions work involved? It appears to be complex and to require a lot of
> empirical data from real world VDGs.

Actually, Craggs and Meek, in "High Voltage Laboratory Technique" have an
extensive discussion of electrostatic generators, including analysis of the
various loads and currents. The work involved is basically the sum of:

The output power (Voltage (typ 1 Megavolt) times output current (say, 1 mA
for a big generator));
The electrical losses (corona current, mostly), probably on the order of
half the output current
The mechanical losses (mostly windage in the belt and bearing friction)

>   In your description "that as the belt moves up etc" cannot be possible
> because there is no charge on the inside of the terminal to repel the
> on the belt.

But there IS charge on the outside, and that is what the belt sees as it
moves up. Most of the belt's path is outside the collector.