Re: Mini Tesla

What you have sounds about like the one I have. Mine has a 1.5" dia x 7"
tall secondary coil wound with #28 wire.  Primary is 5 turns of #12 wire
flat wound taped at turn 5. I use a 6K 20 ma ignition transformer.  I have 4
gaps .025 each RQ type no fan. Cap is a homemade rolled poly in HV oil .001
uf.  Top load is a 2.5" brass door knob.  I don't use a secondary coil earth
ground on this TC, the bottom end of the secondary coil is connected to the
inside turn of the primary coil.  It produces 3" long discharge sparks.  I
can touch the sparks with my finger and almost can't feel them and the
sparks make a warm spot on my finger tip.  If you could swap out you 3K
transformer with something that produces higher voltage it will help.

Gary Weaver

>Original Poster: NickandSim-at-aol-dot-com 
>To All,
>          I have built a little 6in by 1.5in tesla with a flat spiral
>I have calculated the windings etc. with tc-cad and they all match (resonant
>freq. 1.457Mhz).  It has a 4in by 1in toroid and runs off a 3kv transformer
>with a 0.1 uf cap and a 4mm spark gap.  I would appreciate any advice on
>teslas as the performence is not quite up to scratch.
>                                             Nick Field