Re: Mini Tesla

Tesla List wrote:
>  To All,
> I have built a little 6in by 1.5in tesla with a flat spiral
> primary.
> I have calculated the windings etc. with tc-cad and they all match (resonant
> freq. 1.457Mhz).  It has a 4in by 1in toroid and runs off a 3kv transformer
> with a 0.1 uf cap and a 4mm spark gap.  I would appreciate any advice on
> small teslas as the performence is not quite up to scratch.
>                                               Nick Field


The biggest problem is that your tank cap is probably much too large for
both your transformer and your system, and the primary itself may be too
small. For proper operation the frequency of the primary tank circuit
must match that of the secondary. That means that the primary LC circuit
must resonate at about 1.5 MHz if that's acually where your secondary's
resonance lies. However for more specific help, you'll need to provide
the following information:

Transformer type (i.e., small neon transformer, Microwave Oven
Transformer, or plate transformer?) and its faceplate current rating?
Primary innner/outer diameter, # of total turns, wire type, and # turns
at tap
Secondary winding wire gauge
Type of tank capacitor

Safe coilin' to you!

-- Bert --