Re: Mini Tesla

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>To All,
>          I have built a little 6in by 1.5in tesla with a flat spiral
>I have calculated the windings etc. with tc-cad and they all match (resonant
>freq. 1.457Mhz).  It has a 4in by 1in toroid and runs off a 3kv transformer
>with a 0.1 uf cap and a 4mm spark gap.  I would appreciate any advice on
>teslas as the performence is not quite up to scratch.
>                                             Nick Field 
One problem is that when the secondary tuning capacitance is very
small, stray capacitance from surrounding objects etc. will have a
much larger effect, so tuning will tend to drift a lot. 
High operating frequencies will also suffer more from dielectric
losses (and annoy AM radio listeners!)