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>> Please guys,
>> What is Tufnell??
>> Ralph Zekelman
>Hi Ralph
>I was hopeing someone on the list would tell me that?
>All I can say is it has the apperance of "Bakelite" not sure what the
>chemical make up is but I suspect it may be a Phenol Formaldehyde
>Any info on the matter would be a big help.
>Cheers Mike Tucknott
According to my RS (RS UK, not Radio Shack!) components catalogue,
'Tufnol' is a phenolic laminated plastic, based on a fine weave
fabric. It's quoted as having good electrical properties and low water
absorbtion. (resistance 1E8-1E10 ohms after water immersion)
They sell 4 different varieties (Carp, Whale, Kite and Swan brand)
They have a data sheet (code 232-3614) which may be available on their
website (rswww-dot-com). Alternatively look up e.g. 681-148 (6mm rod) and
see if there is a link to material data . 
Some grades appear to be intended for mechanical uses (gears etc.) and
some for electrical use.