Re: Snow on telly, help needed !

Snow on the TV is a problem here to, also my coil sets off our burglar alarm
and even our smoke detector.  Using another size of secondary alters how
much they go off and alarm.

One thing I want to try myself and I think it goes for all coilers also it
to enclose the whole gap in a metal case ( plus beware of the usual arcing
things or course ) and ground it.  This should elimitate stary signals from
the gap.

Also my coil run in my house on the floor so there is of course mains wiring
in the floor so they could easly pick up 200Kz hum from the primary and
induce it on the mains.  I have tried god knows how many filters and none
have worked for me.

Let me know if you find anything out that works !!!

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