Re: Mini Tesla


I put your specs into Wintesla with the following assumptions:

1st assumption - I didn't goof in the rush to answer this before my ISP
connection times out.  If I did, I apologise.

Assumptions about your coil:

Secondary wound with #28 with Torroid cap = 5.35 pf gives freq of about
1400 kHz.
Assuming primary wound with 10 turns of .125 wire with .12 spacing and 2.5"
inside dia., the cap to tune it to 1400kHz is 0.001 mfd.  Thus, according
to this, your cap is 100 times larger than it should be, which would
explain lousy operation.  Probably your secondary is resonating with some
higher harmonic of the primary frequency, or is just being shock excited
from the primary bangs.

Even if I guessed wrong about your TC parameters, they would only be off by
a factor of 2 or so, not 100.

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> Subject: Mini Tesla
> Date: Thursday, December 31, 1998 6:35 PM
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> To All,
>           I have built a little 6in by 1.5in tesla with a flat spiral
> I have calculated the windings etc. with tc-cad and they all match
> freq. 1.457Mhz).  It has a 4in by 1in toroid and runs off a 3kv
> with a 0.1 uf cap and a 4mm spark gap.  I would appreciate any advice on
> teslas as the performence is not quite up to scratch.
>                                              Nick Field