Re: Snow on telly, help needed !

Tesla List wrote:

>         I strongly suspect your interference is being radiated directly from
> the primary circuit, which will have resonances in the VHF range as well
> as those at the regular primary frequency .  I see the same sort of
> thing here and I'm sure the rest of the crew does too.  The peak powers
> are enormous, the spectrum is very broad, and I suspect that such
> interference is inevitable unless you run inside a cage.

You can try to put an LC parallel tank tuned to the frequency of the
problematic channel in series with your primary circuit. Note that all
the primary current will flow through the inductor of the filter, so
make it with heavy wire. The required inductance, however, is small.
A Faraday cage around the entire garage is not so difficult to build. 
A coarse mesh of grounded wires is probably enough.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz