Re: Snow on telly, help needed !

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> One other thing that may or may not pertain to it, is the spark gap its
>  self. I personally beleive that almost all of the RFI comes from the
>  gap. I have noticed that running lets say a single static gap will give
>  off way more RFI than a muti section gap. Depending on your gap type and
>  your gap spacing alot of the RFI could possibly be coming from the gap.
>  If any of these states are proven to be false please let me know.
>  Chris
     It sounds like you have the RF feedback into the mains suppressed, so I
am thinking that the interference is due to radiation from your coil.  One
thing you might try is to place your spark gap inside a grounded metal sheild.
This may at least help you determine whether or not the gap is the culprit.
An EE buddy of mine keeps insisting that I place my gap in such a shield to
prevent the emanation of x-rays (and VHF/UHF radiation perhaps) from the gap
itself.  I plan to do this once I am satisfied that no more adjustments need
to be made.  It would be worth a try anyway.   It would certainly be easier,
if it works, than screening in your whole garage as a Faraday cage. 
    I am surprised that none of my neighbors have ever complained about my
coil.  I run my coil from two 15/60 neons and I have taken no measures to
prevent feedback(aside from the RC filter circuit recently added for neon
protection) into the mains nor shielded my coil.    I live in an apartment
with neighbors on both sides, yet I have had no complaints in the years I have
lived here :o)  Call me lucky.
   Hope you resolve this without too much trouble.