Re: Rectifying Action? Might it be that simple?

>  Mike's thought of the oxide barrier in
>  conjunction with the Cu possibly creating a rectification is interesting.

Reinhard, Bart, all,
     This wasn't actually Mike's thought.  I was just remembering that someone
from the earlier posts on this subject suggested that.   The only thing I
could think of that supports this notion was that aluminum electrolytic
capacitors are polarized due to this oxide layer and conduct in one direction.
     It may be simply that when the spark is initiated, a pit forms in the
aluminum that exposes a conductive surface.  The exposed surface may then
quickly reoxidize and create a resistance that helps to quench the spark once
the voltage drops at a notch(was this mentioned in earlier posts?).  
     My only conclusion is that this is definitely worth investigation :o)