Re: Dual toroid and efficiency tests


My observations...

> 1.  Smooth toroids seem capable of producing longer sparks than
>      corrugated toroids either with or without a breakout bump.  This
>      might become less important with really large toroids?

This effects is just as pronounced with large toroids as with small ones,
perhaps even more so. A large coil that breaks out of a 56" corrugated
toroid may not even break out at all with a 56" smooth toroid (true story).

> 8.  As a toroid becomes larger, the corrugations may have less effect
>      because they may be a smaller percentage of the total toroid size.
>      This might come into effect with toroids that are larger than 35" or
>      so (just guessing).

This effect does NOT hold up with larger toroids. The difference between a
large corrugated and a large smooth toroid are ... well ... large.

> (I now manufacture high quality spun aluminum toroids.  To order a
> 4" by 13" toroid, send $126 postpaid to:  John Freau, 49 Thiem Ave, 
> Rochelle Pk, NJ   07662)  These can be seen at my website at:

I've seen John's work: very nice. $126 is a very reasonable price for the
quality of craftsmanship that John puts into his work. Buy one if you
think you'll need one...

Jeff W. Parisse
kVA Effects