Re: Could you detail your 'fridge pump vacuum pump set up please?

Tesla List wrote:

> Just reading the email real quick I noticed the talk about refrigeration.  I
> happen to own a business doing just  that and if you have any questions
> please feel free to email me.  I'll read the rest of the mail to get the
> scope of what youre trying to do but I just thought I'd let you know.

Could you shed a bit of light on the following. It was hear say and I'd
like to hear the opinion of someone in the business. 

> >  I'm told that refrigerator pumps are designed in a manner that they
> >don't cool themselves all that well without freon flowing through them
> >and that continuous use is not advisable. I'm also told that freezer
> >pumps will stand continuous duty well because they are designed
> >differently. Don't know myself, but in practice I've pumped down A\C
> >systems and left my fridge pump running for hours and never had a
> >problem. However, if you have the option the freezer pump might be the
> >better way to go. A\C pumps like those used in home systems naturally
> >move a LOT of volume, but I'm told they need freon flow for cooling
> >worse than fridge pumps and are not at all well suited to continuous
> >duty. Again here say. Either way, these pumps generally wind up in a
> >land fill so if you don't salvage them, so you don't have much to loose
> >if you toast one.