Re: Dual toroid and efficiency tests

Hello John and all,

This is something that has always interested me. I have noticed in photos
of my coil that I could see more of the "banjo" effect in the spark at
faster shutter speeds. My belief has always been that apparent multiple
breakouts are actually sequential, but due to time/eye response they appear
simultaneous. It would seen that the time between breakouts on the
corrugated toroids is less than the time/breakout with the smooth toroids,
allowing a longer ionization path, thus longer sparks?


David Trimmell

At 11:43 AM 8/29/1999 , you wrote:
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>9.  When the smooth toroid gives multiple streamers, sometimes they
>     might not all be there at the same time; they may be forming
>     sequentially, but the eye's slow frame-rate sees them as existing
>     simultaneously.  In contrast, corregated toroids may be more likely
>     to form actual simultaneous streamers resulting in shorter sparks.


>John Freau