Re: TC's on TV and CO2 Lasers

Hello coilers:

	This may be entirely old news to everyone here, but I have been off the
list since may, anyway ......

	In early August, a show called "You asked for it" (one of those amazing
home video shows, on NBC, I think) aired a guy's home video of him and
his tesla coil.  He had two 10' tall coils side by side.  But his amazing
stunt was that he dressed up in a metal suit, consisting of A/C ducting
and metal cages, and then went and actually took hits from streamers.  It
was quite interesting.  To celebrate his survival, he used streamers from
the coil to light a cigar.  I believe that the episode I saw may have
been a rerun, which means it may be on even again.  Just wandered if
anyone saw it.

	Also, I noticed some talk about CO2 lasers, and noticed that there was a
list to go with it.  I subscribed, but I would like for someone here that
is on it or knows about it to tell me what it is about, etc.  As a
physics major I am quite interested in lasers.

<<< Please write brent directly about the other list - T. >>>


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