Re: Meeting the Pig Farmers

>I'd love one, but my skin crawls when I think about shipping... and the
>cost... 100 odd kilo xfrmr all the way to NZ! USA'ers... youse get all the
>fun... ;-)
>A transpower engineer wasn't very forthcoming about surplus stores :-(
>-Alan P

Hi Alan and list

You can get pole pigs in NZ. Last year I acquired a 5kVA, 11kV, two phase
(240-0-240) pole pig and more are available. My pig had been retired from
rural service (as part of a network upgrade) and was 'free' but I was asked
to make a charitable donation to a charity of my choice. They even trucked
it to Auckland for free!

I'm not familiar with your coiling background, but I would recommend you
limit yourself to NSTs for your first coils. NSTs are cheaper (I've never
had to pay more than $5NZ a unit), kinder on your components, and
relatively safer. Please read the list archives (at www.pupman-dot-com) for
more info.

Please contact me off-list if you require more information. FYI I live in

Safe coiling,

Gavin Hubbard