Re: Re: transformer question

    This shows where the ground belongs, and if you were using a capacitor
bank, you would need two at twice the calculated value to act as one at half
in respect to ground.  The coil represents the primary of a tesla coil,
which with the capacitor bank would be in series, and grounded at the
connection point of the two which places them in series..


    The insulation cannot feel the difference in this configuration because
the AC ground, is the same on the 110, or 120 VAC as one of the two prongs
in the outlet.  The two wires in the schematic that don't go anywhere, and
just crosses over the grounded side of NST-1, would, or should go to a
switch, and the hot side of the wall outlet.  It is only standard procedure
to ground one side of the output of a high voltage transformer.  Each
transformer is a separate object, and if you were using a grounded metal
chassis, they cannot electrically feel the difference in the output voltage
but, in respect to the inductors used as the primary of a tesla coil in the
schematic.  Since, it is also center tapped, and grounded there will not be
more, or less of a load on either side of the circuit.  But, only when the
transformers used are wired like the one depicted in the diagram of the pdf
file on the bottom of page A-19.  Do not forget that the transformers must
be in phase for the voltage doubling to occure, and will draw twice the
current, and produce twice the voltage.


    In case you haven't downloaded the file.