Re: Electric bath?

To all readers of this thread on "electro-theriputics" on the List.

Having read the statement below, is enough (at last,) to cause
me to (once again,) come out of the "woodword" and "pipe up."
(sic)  Well let me first suggest that the "final" (verdict) is still
_out_ on this "jury."  In other words, I know, from _personal_
experiece (using myself a test specimin,) that there is some real
truth to electro-medical treatment (depending on how and where
and when and for how long, it is applied to the human body.)

Again I state, that I am (still living) proof of some of these
applications, as I have applied some of them to myself, over
a 15 year period, (as opposed to going to a medical clinic or
hospital, or health plan, or such,) and have, nontheless, obtained
some modicum of success in treating myself (without the 
benifit of the orthodox) medical community, and as a side
benefit, I have no "skin surface scars" to show for it either!

This is to say, that I applied H-F treatments to myself, and have
caused several (surface skin) cancers (possibly melinoma) to
abate and just go away, instead of having them cauterized in
a docter's office, and leaving perminent surface skin scars 
behind.  I couldn't write this statement, if it was not ture,
(at least in my case.)


Bill Wysock.

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> > The paper, by Tesla, "High frequency oscillators for electro-therapeutic
> > and other purposes" (The Electric Engineer, 1898), was reprinted in the
> > Proceedings of the IEEE, July 1999.
> 	Read that article with some interest; some of it sounds pretty
> reasonable and some of it sounds very Elizabethan.  Of course, people
> were still writing about the use of Tesla coils for medical purposes at
> least 30 years later.......  Never have seen any evidence to indicate
> that those treatments did any good, or any harm either (except, perhaps,
> to the pocket books of the patients).  Diathermy is a different matter,
> of course, and certainly spark oscillators can turn out plenty of cheap
> RF power for that purpose.
> Ed
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