Re: newbie TC question/some more q

Hi, and thanks for your help!

> >It would be great if you could give me some tips on the secondary coil 
> >diameter 2", height 10"
> >648 turns of AWG 27 emalled copper wire
(is done now, btw., 1 hour with a Fischer-Technik assembled "winder")
> That sounds a bit small to me but for a nice little first coil it should be
> ok.  You didn't mention the voltage and the current of the NSTs (you may
> not know till you get them). 

The bad thing is, there aren't any 8kv NSTs with less amps than 50ma here
in Finland. And 8kv is max here. So, I decided for two NSTS rated 2x4kV
50ma 400VA. But as you said, this would probably shred the coil into
pieces, so:

> If they put out a lot of power the small coil
> may get overwhelmed.  Of course, if you have a variac, you can control the
> power as needed.

Sigh, got no variac :(. But, the NSTs draw just 2.1A -at- 50 Hz, so would
you say it might be possible to use an adjustable PSU, like a 1:1 mains
transformer capable of 3 amps and then some sort of voltage adjustment

There was one other thing I wanted to ask, too, about using a Faraday
cage (was it 1/10 of wavelength for the holes?) for safety. 

I considered packing the NST, cap and primary in a flat, grounded 
box made of "chicken fence" to protect it from streamers from the
secondary. Does that have any drawbacks?
As I had planned to make a desktop model with the small coil, should the
entire setup be packed into a cage, too? 


 Jan Florian Wagner
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