Re: Meeting the Pig Farmers

to: Alan

If you do some detective work I bet you can find some large company that
does shipping to and from the USA.  Then it's just a question of convincing
a NZ company executive to allow a small additional crate on his big boat
that probably has extra room on each trip.  You might just be able to get
the shipping across the pond free if you approach the matter properly.

It will take a lot of phone calls and some legwork on your end, but you
probably could get a few aboardl a southbound ship without too much trouble
if you can just make the right connection in your country.


Dr. Resonance

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>Original Poster: Alan Podjursky <alan.p-at-clear-dot-net.nz>
>>If anyone else on the list needs a 10 kVA, 14.4 kV pole pig we have
>>approximately 12 extras besides the 30 pcs we are putting in storage for
>>our future work.
>I'd love one, but my skin crawls when I think about shipping... and the
>cost... 100 odd kilo xfrmr all the way to NZ! USA'ers... youse get all the
>fun... ;-)
>A transpower engineer wasn't very forthcoming about surplus stores :-(
>>Best Regards,
>-Alan P