Re: Rotary GAP

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> The reason I may have a problem with this as the rotor disk is 10 pole - it
> would
> appear that perhaps I should have gone 12 pole to ensure the same operation 
> 'both' sync positions, i.e. 1 gap at 12 - 3 - 6 - 9 oclock positions.
> Regards,
>  Robin in OZ >>


Generally, sync rotaries are more commonly made to run at 100 
or 200 bps (50Hz), with your greater number of poles, it will run 
at 300 bps.  In any case, yes, you're right, the electrical poles 
should be "symmetrical" in respect to the firing positions as you
suggested.  There is some question as to whether the benefits
of sync operation (vis-a-vis non sync) fall off at higher bps.   If you
do go to a lower bps, you'll need a larger cap to maintain the same
input power. 

John Freau