Re: Rotary GAP

Tesla List wrote:

>         Synchronous gaps can always fire at exactly the same time on the
AC cycle.
>  Thus, you can fire the gap at just the peak of the AC voltage
> continuously.  This will prevent energy being wasted by firing the primary
> at less them max voltage.   A non-sync rotary my only deliver half the
> power of a true synchronous gap...
> A synchronous motor turns at a rate EXACTLY proportional to the AC line
> voltage where other motors turn about 50 RPM less.  With a normal motor you
> have no control over gap timing where with a synchronous motor you can get
> excellent timing control.


I need to look into making one. I have the basic idea but I need some
details. ;)

What can I use for a motor? I noticed that the local hardware store has
some motors
for swamp coolers. I think the box said they are induction motors. I'm
planning to use
a pig as a power supply, but I wouldn't mind being able to use it on NST
coils as
well. Do I want Sync or Non-Sync? And do you know if those motors can be
modified for
Sync if needed?

I read your post about making the disc with a belt sander, it seems that
would work.
How do you keep the assembly from wobbling? How did you balance it? I guess
I could
get a machinest to make the disc for me. How are the electrodes secured in
the disc?
I'd like to go with the tungsten electrodes, seems that they are best
suited for this.

Oh, how did you secure the disc to the motor?

Seems pretty simple to make them as long as I'm carefull and put it in a
box just in
case it blows up. Is there anything else I should be aware of?