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it has a flyback circuit which produces the HV from the retrace (e.g.
"flyback") of the sweep at the end of each horizontal sweep - it will run at
10Khz to 50Khz depending on the monitor (TVs run at 14.4 Khz) and there will
be a transistor and some other circuitry to drive it.  You will find on
newer monitors that the flyback circuit aslo produces all the standard
voltages fo operate the monitor circuitry - saves on one transformer by
eliminating the input power conversion and regulation..  the transformer
will be (probably) inside an epoxy module.
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> Hi All,
>     Tonight my neighbor threw out a computer monitor because he said it
> old and not compatible w/ his new computer. I happened to be the lucky one
> pick it up(w/ the intentions of taking the thing apart for parts).
>     I have a few questions though:
>     1) What kind of Transformer does it have?(i know its probably nice
> when I  busted it open, i saw a "Danger" sign with 25000v under that
> lighting bolt)
>     2) Now i've opened it up, but does anyone know what the xfmer is? i
> tell the    screen tube and this piece that the tube plugs into, but i'm
> sure what the   xfmer looks like.
>     3) The most important is if this xfmer could be used on Tesla Coil
> applications,   or even jacobs ladders?
> Thanks in advance.
> Alan