Re: Computer Monitor


  The transformer is called a fly-back transformer and produces high
voltages at a low current (3ma). This would make it pretty much useless for
tesla coils. To find the transformer all you need to do is follow the high
voltage wire form the side of the tube to the transformer. The tube side of
the wire will most likely be on the right side and has what looks like a
suction cup on it. Pull that off and follow it's wire to the fly back. If
you want to test it all you need to do is turn on the monitor and touch
that HV wire to the monitor ground and you should see a purple arc about 1"
or more draw off it (assuming the monitor is working). I hope this help's.


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> Subject: Computer Monitor
> Date: Monday, August 23, 1999 10:48 AM
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> Hi All,
>     Tonight my neighbor threw out a computer monitor because he said it
> old and not compatible w/ his new computer. I happened to be the lucky
one to 
> pick it up(w/ the intentions of taking the thing apart for parts).
>     I have a few questions though:
>     1) What kind of Transformer does it have?(i know its probably nice
> when I  busted it open, i saw a "Danger" sign with 25000v under that
> lighting bolt)
>     2) Now i've opened it up, but does anyone know what the xfmer is? i
> tell the    screen tube and this piece that the tube plugs into, but i'm
> sure what the   xfmer looks like.
>     3) The most important is if this xfmer could be used on Tesla Coil 
> applications,   or even jacobs ladders?
> Thanks in advance.
> Alan