Re: Quench vs Output

Hi Terry

Last year I tried adding a multi gap static gap in series
with the H bridge rotary, and found with four gaps and
0.25 inch in the static gap the quench would quite
reliably move from 2nd to 1st notch.

I also found the spark output to be much the same, but
the radiated power, as indicated by the intensity of
nearby fluorescent lamps and malfunctioning of electronic
devices not previously affected went up quite remarkably.

I assumed at the time this was due to power left in the
primary radiating away, but that may be simplistic.


> Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>
> Hi All,
> I was running some computer models today to see what effect  first,
> second....  notch quenching would have on my coil.
> The results are as follows:
> 1st notch 792 watts
> 2nd notch 684 watts
> No quench 674 watts
> So going from no quenching to nice second notch quenching would increase
> the output power only 1.4%!
> "IF" I could quench on the first notch, I could get 17.5% more output
> power.  However, the added losses of a gap that could do that would almost
> certainly eat up the additional power.