Electric bath?


The paper, by Tesla, "High frequency oscillators for electro-therapeutic 
and other purposes" (The Electric Engineer, 1898), was reprinted in the
Proceedings of the IEEE, July 1999.

It describes several heating and other physiologic effects of high-
frequency currents, and at a point suggests a very curious application:

"The continuous improvement of the instrument and the study of the
phenomenon may shortly lead to the stabilishment of a novel mode
of hygienic treatment which would permit an instantaneous cleaning
of the skin of a person, simply by connecting the same to, or 
possibly, by merely placing the person in the vicinity of a source
of intense electrical oscillations, this having the effect of
throwing off, in a twinkle of the eye, dust of particles of any
extraneous matter adhering to the body. Such a result brought
about in a practicable manner would, without doubt, be of incalculable
value in hygiene and would be an efficient and time-saving
substitute for a water bath, and particularly appreciated by
those whose contentment consists in undertaking more than they
can accomplish."

Some candidate to test Tesla's idea?

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz