Re: Volltage Multipliers/DC supplies

Hi Robert,

One reason might be the expense.  At one time, I had considered the
construction of a ten stage multiplier with individual components.  I needed
100 Kv out at just 1 mA, and I was going to drive the system with a tv
flyback.  It was going to cost over $200 just for the diodes/ caps alone!
(in fact I couldn't find the caps for less than $14.95 each).  You can
easily build a 100 Kv Tesla coil for much less than this that will output at
least the same voltage (don't know about current).

However, there is at least one good web site I know of which makes use of
"surplus tv multipliers", modifying and running several of these in series
to get the output needed.  This is a low cost alternative but at the cost of
less current (I think somewhere around 20 watts at most).

John Bowers

>>Original Poster: "ROBERT CRESSLER" <59CREROB-at-menasha-dot-com>
>>Hi All,
>> I have notice there is not much said about
>>multiplies and DC supplies in
>>general........ is this because of "intrinsic" problems with the
>>components at the required voltages ? kickback/transients ?  or  ?
>>Robert Cressler
>>Oregon city, Or