Re: Volltage Multipliers/DC supplies

> Probably because it takes more components, period.  You have to admit, an AC
> excited tesla coil is a pretty simple device from a components standpoint:
> transformer, gap, cap, two windings and you are done.
> A DC coil (and there are many out there) requires a more sophisticated gap
> (you can't rely on the AC zero crossing for positive quench) and, even more
> of a pain, a high power DC power supply, which is no easy matter to deal
> with, if for no other reason than it will have significant stored energy.

    Could you elaborate upon this?  how do DC supplies have significant stored
energy?  How does this affect quenching?  What type of gap would you use on a
moderately powered DC coil?  I have thought about using a Poulsen arc
setup, and
I am still trying to figure out whether the CW qualities of this gap
configuration have to
do with the carbon electrode, or the hydrogen quenching.
    Any replies would be appreciated.