Re: Big Daddy Vacuum Tube

>THis would make a nice tube coil.  max voltage rating for plate is

How can I test the tube to be sure it will work? It's old and may be worn 
out. Nobody in there right mind would throw a tube this expensive away for 
Also, the idea of making a really cool little display occured to me.

1. What pins are for the filiment? Can I find them with a VOM (ie a certain 
resistance rance will be the filiment). If I can light the filement with 
110VAC I'll be thrilled, but It will probably be like 6 or 10 VDC at 20 
amps, just to make life difficult.

2. Can the tube be refilled and made into a *really* cool plasma-sphere 
(alright....alright........a plasma cylinder). I could get the tube refilled 
easily at the local neon shop, and it should be rather easy to find a 
terminal inside.....duh.....all I'm wondering is, is it possible?

Also, there's a rather icky-pooh (<---Geek Group technical term) dried brown 
residue inside the tube. I can't figure out what it is, or why it's there. 
Any ideas? It looks like burnt (carmelised/carbonised) oil, bong-resin, or 
some kind of insulatiion (corona/RF suppression?)

Alright guys.....lemmie have it....

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