Re: Computer Monitor

Subject: Computer Monitor

>Original Poster: ARSONIST01-at-aol-dot-com
>    1) What kind of Transformer does it have?(i know its probably nice
>when I  busted it open, i saw a "Danger" sign with 25000v under that little
>lighting bolt)
It has a flyback transformer with a diode tripler (probably) to make 20-25kV
at low current (a mA or so) for the anode supply on the CRT.

>    2) Now i've opened it up, but does anyone know what the xfmer is? i can
>tell the    screen tube and this piece that the tube plugs into, but i'm
>sure what the   xfmer looks like.
Most likely a small plastic block with a piece of HV silicone wire coming
out of it connected to the "suction cup" looking thing on the side of the
CRT. The core might be exposed, and is most likely a grey compressed
powdered metal (looks like ferrite). About 5-10 cm (2-3inches) in size.

>    3) The most important is if this xfmer could be used on Tesla Coil
>applications,   or even jacobs ladders?

Probably not for a jacobs ladder (Not enough power). You could probably make
a nice small tesla coil or plasma sphere (the Radio Shack plasma globe uses
a flyback supply, for instance).

>Thanks in advance.