Re: 8-9 RFI noise thoughts.

>That IS an interesting thought!  If the gap fires as a simple step impulse,
>there should be all the odd order harmonics generated which may be why we
>see so many frequencies.  I can easily do an FFT and the frequencies I can
>see, but the 100MHz plus stuff gets lost on my system.  Unfortunately, that
>is were the vast majority of the signals are.  The frequency response of
>the plane wave antennas could be increased to microwave frequencies but the
>scope required is out of my grasp.  There aren't too many people who would
>want to get a really nice 1GHz+ digital scope near anything to do with a
>Tesla coil...

Aha... now I know why I should bring my tesla coil into work: so I can
measure the radiated emissions with the spectrum analyzer.  Maybe I can get
the guys up on the antenna range to let me hook up their broadband VHF/UHF